Thursday, August 08, 2013

Wife Of Ft. Hood Jihad Survivor Says DOD Is Trying To Silence Them

According to one wife of a survivor of Nidal Hassan's jihadist attack at Ft. Hood, TX, the Department of Defense is trying to gag families (Dana Loesch at RedState).

Autumn Manning, wife of Army Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning who was wounded in the Ft. Hood terror attack, is speaking out on Twitter. Manning claims that the Department of Defense has “slapped victims of violence with gag orders” and is preventing them to discuss denial of benefits and other developments in the wake of the attack.
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The attack was famously classified as “workplace violence” and as of such, wounded have been denied combat benefits.

As Loesch asks, after a follow up question to Manning added as an update, what is the DOD trying to hide, if it doesn't want people to talk?  Will members of Congress look into this allegation and find out why this is happening?

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