Monday, August 12, 2013

Why Do Libs & RINOs Want To Give Amnesty To Illegals From A Nation That Releases Drug Lord Who Killed DEA Agent?

I heard this news over the weekend and remembered the case well, because when this murder of a US DEA agent happened (in the mid 1980s), it really started to discourage a lot of us who lived on the Texas/Mexico border from going to the border towns (Fox News).
The surprise release of Rafael Caro Quintero, a Mexican drug lord jailed for killing a US agent, has angered Washington and increased concerns about Mexico's judicial system.

Caro Quintero was sentenced to 40 years in prison for ordering the 1985 abduction, torture and murder of US Drug Enforcement Agency agent Enrique Camarena and his Mexican pilot Alfredo Zavala.

He had 12 years left to run on his sentence, and could have faced more charges in the US. 
But on Wednesday a judge in the western state of Jalisco ordered the release of Caro Quintero, 60, on a technicality. By Friday the once powerful capo had left the Puente Grande prison and vanished.

US officials suspect that Mexican agents leaked information that led to Camarena's killing. 
The case plunged US-Mexican relations into a crisis, and it took decades for anti-drug agencies on both sides of the border to rebuild trust.

Ties were better under the government of President Felipe Calderon, of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), who shared criminal information with US officials and extradited scores of Mexicans to face drug charges in the United States.

But Mexico's new president, Enrique Pena Nieto from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), who took office in December, has said he wants a more independent role for Mexico in the drug war.
That's only part of the reason. You want to know what is really behind it? Obama is such a laughingstock no one takes him seriously on the world stage. So, Mexico has essentially thumbed their nose at the United States. I almost wonder if there's some backhanded slap at Obama after his Regime oversaw the Fast and Furious gun-running scheme that killed hundreds of Mexican citizens, as well as a US Border Patrol agent.

Yet Obama, the libs and RINOs want to give amnesty to citizens from Mexico, after they released this killer?

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