Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Krispy Kreme" Chris Christie Attacks GOP & Sides With Obama Over "Common Core"

In case you haven't heard of it, a new education curriculum, "Common Core" is being pushed nation-wide that not only threatens local oversight over education, but has been pushed by radicals like unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Michelle Malkin has written warnings about this so-called education system.

But that hasn't stopped several statist Republicans (ie RINOs) from pushing this radical education agenda, like Jeb Bush and the Tony Soprano wannbe from New Jersey, Gov. Chris "Krispy Kreme" Christie (Dan Riehl).

Christie is a belligerent smear merchant and to disagree with him means to be attacked. He also has more in common with Obama than he does much of the GOP. He should change parties and challenge Hillary in 2016 if he’s set on running for POTUS.

According to Twitter the press was barred from this event but the WJS has a report up at link below. Why not take your shots out in the open, Christie, you jerk?
Mr. Christie, speaking at a charter-school conference, said Republicans who opposed education issues such as the Common Core State Standards were having a “knee-jerk” reaction to something the president supports. 
“If the president likes something, the Republicans in Congress don’t,” and vice versa, he said Thursday at the KIPP School Summit in Las Vegas. “It is this mindset in D.C. right now that says we have to be at war constantly, because to not be at war is to show weakness, and to show weakness is to lead to failure. And I just don’t buy that.”
via Christie Spars With GOP Again, This Time Over Education Standards – Metropolis – WSJ.

Excuse me, fatboy, but if there's an education agenda being pushed nationwide that is promoted by anti-American radicals and dumbs down students in regards to math (creative math), isn't it the duty of parents and officials to oppose it?

I hope to God that GOP voters in New Jersey will either vote for the Democrat or stay at home on election day and send fatboy packing out of the governor's office. If the Republican Party wants him to be their nominee in 2016, well, they deserve to lose.

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