Thursday, August 08, 2013

GOOD! GOP Rep Hears It From Constituents: "We're Losing The Country So Quit Being Nice Guys"

Wishful thinking, but this is probably the only way the nation will be saved, is when the constituents are angry enough to give their spineless GOP Reps an earful of their disgust, as Greta van Susteren showed at a town hall for deep blue Maryland Rep. Andy Harris (Mediaite).

One man complained about NSA spying, saying Congress needs to “come clean” with the public about the government’s secret interpretation of the law. Harris assured him that he’s personally outraged by NSA surveillance, adding that they have “not seen the end of” investigations into Benghazi and the IRS scandals.

Another man piped up, “Innocent people… are getting slammed by partisan politics.” Maryland resident Ed Hunter confronted Hunter directly, telling him John Boehner needs to start “defying” Obama and threatening him with impeachment if he doesn’t “start obeying the laws!” Hunter continued, “Listen, we’re dying out here because you guys are being nice guys!”, adding, “We’re losing the country! I want to see more defiance!”

Amen brother!
I have no doubt that so many more people across the country feel this way.  There is no leadership in Congress, very few people standing up for us. 
I can come here, bash Obama and the Democrats, but it only goes so far.  It's up to those who are elected as an opposition party to do something. Right now, I'm more disgusted with the leadership of the Republican Party apparatus and in Congress, who are too willing to make deals and too cowardly to fight because they're afraid of looking bad.

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