Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Racist AG Eric Holder Wants "Stand Your Ground" Laws Ended, Even Though Blacks Have Used Law In Self-Defense

Racist US Attorney General Eric "My People" Holder spoke today in front of another group that has been fanning flames of racial division, the National Association for the Advancement of (Certain) Colored People (NAACCP) and called for an end to "Stand Your Ground" laws (Breitbart).
“It’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods,” Holder was scheduled to say. “These laws try to fix something that was never broken.”

He will state, “There has always been a legal defense for using deadly force if – and the ‘if’ is important – no safe retreat is available. But we must examine laws that take this further by eliminating the common sense and age-old requirement that people who feel threatened have a duty to retreat, outside their home, if they can do so safely.”

Holder will also claim that “stand your ground” laws make states less safe by “allowing – and perhaps encouraging – violent situations to escalate in public.” Yet between 2005 (when Florida’s “stand your ground” law was passed) and 2010, Florida's violent crime rate dropped 23 percent, an increasingly rapid drop from the 12 percent drop from 2000-2005.
Never mind also that Holder wants to get rid of a law that one black woman in Houston used to defend herself in a road rage incident last year.
Authorities didn't charge 23-year-old Crystal Scott immediately after the shooting death last year of Jonathan Ables, but Harris County grand jurors apparently concluded there were still enough unanswered questions for the case to go to trial.

Scott told authorities she shot Ables on Sept. 17 after both drivers had pulled their vehicles into a Shell station on FM 1960 near Perry.

Scott said the 22-year-old Ables began screaming profanities at her, then struck the car and tried to open her door. Scott said she was in fear for her life when she pulled the trigger, fatally striking Ables.

"What was she supposed to do? Did she have a right to defend herself?" her attorney, Letitia Quinones, asked on Tuesday, saying she was "deeply saddened" that a grand jury would indict Scott. 
Scott, who was uninjured in the incident, was questioned at the scene by Harris County sheriff's deputies but later was released without charges.

The shooting was then referred to a grand jury.

....At the time, sheriff's deputies said Scott's account of what happened seemed to match that of other witnesses.

"Her life will never be the same," Quinones said. "She's been in counseling since this happened."
But Eric Holder won't mention this case, nor any other case that involves a minority defending themselves will they? Because it's all about pushing an agenda.

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Found this on SFGate:

Be sure to sort by victim and race to see just how much more often blacks are acquitted via justified homicide than whites in Florida