Saturday, July 06, 2013


Just over an hour ago, a Korean airline Boeing 777 crash landed on landing at SFO (San Francisco International Aiport).

The good news so far, no word of any fatalities. People have escaped the remnants of the plane.

Video from a YouTube poster in a terminal at SFO:

More video:

Control tower audio (h/t Sgt. Tim Sumner):

For local coverage, here's KPIX Channel 5 in the Bay Area.
An Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crashed at San Francisco International Airport around 11:30 a.m. Saturday, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
It was flight 214 from Seoul, South Korea, initially said to be a cargo plane – but later was identified as a passenger jet.
The airlines said 291 people were on board, including a group of vacationing Korean school children, but there was no official word on any casualties. Eyewitnesses at the airport saw some passengers evacuated by emergency slides from the plane.
The crash happened as the jet was landing. Two passengers on the plane relayed to a relative by cell phone that the pilot appeared to overshoot the runway.
Witnesses said the tail came apart from the plane and black smoke billowed into the air, visible for miles.
Some witnesses said they heard a loud bang before they saw the huge cloud of smoke.
“The plane started coming in at an odd angle, there was a huge bang and you could see the cloud of huge black smoke,” observed Kate Belding, who was jogging near the airport at the time of the crash.

Sounds possible that the plane may have hit the runway tailfirst, or perhaps stalled. That's just speculation, more will be revealed once the flight recorded, etc have all been examined.

More available as it comes in.

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