Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Most Influential Blog Awards - A Fun Way To Recognize Fellow Bloggers

Many thanks to Just A Conservative Girl, who passed along got a nice recognition that really made my day.  There’s even an award badge which I'll proudly display:

Thanks!  I’m honored to have been one of her selections. There's a lot of top-notch bloggers out there, doing great work and, in a lot of cases, finding stories a lot of people (including the "mainstream" news media) are ignoring.  A lot of bloggers don't get a lot of recognition for their work, which is mostly on our own time and dime (contrary to liberal propaganda, we don't have sugar daddies like George Soro$ funding us).  When fellow bloggers give us links, and/or compliments on our work, it's the greatest motivator to keep going. Liberals help in that area also, when they send us hate mail, usually filled with obscenities.  That shows us we're on the right track!

This recognition is a fun way bloggers are recognizing so many of their fellow bloggers in arms. Unlike a lot of other polls for blogger awards, there's no voting.

The rules are, as follows:

1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you

3. Answer 7 questions decided up by your nominator

4. Nominate ( no limit of nominations ) other bloggers for this award and link back to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the award requirements.
So, 1 and 2 are taken care of, I'll start number three, followed by four and five.
Questions I’ve been given to answer:

1. How do you stay motivated to blog?  

Good question! After November 2012, I seriously considered dropping out of the blogosphere, but I decided to slow down posting during November and December. If writing this blog consisted solely of being a Republican Party cheerleader, I'd have quit. There has to be a level of independence--I write about the things that I find interesting or outrageous, and want to comment on them. Or, if I've come across something that needs to be brought to the attention of readers, I'll present it.

It's also important to find things outside of politics and writing to take my mind off things and "recharge the batteries" so to speak. When I'm not blogging, I like to explore historical spots, swim, workout, play guitar (even sometimes play in bands or "open mics"). I'm working towards the goal of running a 5K sometime this year, and I'm looking into finding out what it would take to get a license/training as a sport pilot, as a way of achieving a lifelong dream of learning to fly an airplane.

2. Who is your personal hero and why?

It would be easy and clichéd as a political blogger to name an influential political leader.  I won't do that. Instead, I have two personal heroes. One is a man I never knew and first found out about when I was nine years maternal grandfather (you can read my tribute to him here). The other is his childhood friend, who was a close family friend until his passing in 1999. Why? Both these men served their nation during World War II. My grandfather gave his life for our nation, training to go fight in the war, while his childhood friend was a Navy Cross recipient for his actions on the USS Nevada during the attack on Pearl Harbor. To top it off, he never talked about what he did to earn the Navy's highest honor below the Medal of Honor.  I only found out the details of how he earned it after he'd died.  They're examples of how freedom is not free, and they took the time to serve our nation in order to defend our way of life for future generations.  Their service and sacrifice is an inspiration to do a small part in preserving our precious freedoms and ensuring that we pass that along to the next generation.

3. What is your biggest political pet peeve?  

Those who are unwilling to stand on principle, and only want to "play it safe" for fear they won't be re-elected, or want to act like "liberal lite" for the sake of re-election and/or to "grow the party."  I am not a "my party, right or wrong" person, especially when the Republican Party leadership has been all too wrong in most cases the last couple of years.  I believe, as Ronald Reagan did, in the idea of "bold colors, not pale pastels."

4. I.R.S., Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Reporter Snooping, and NSA Snooping.  What do you think is the biggest scandal and why?

Obama thinks these are all phony scandals because he wishes them away, and with good reason. He is the most corrupt US President in history, and each of these scandals should anger Americans of all parties.

Benghazi is the worst of the scandals above, because it involves the dereliction of duty of the Commander-in-Chief (the President), who did not give an order to rescue our personnel in Benghazi when they were under attack by terrorists and then lied to not only the American people, but to the families of the four killed, by blaming their killing on an obscure YouTube video. Plus, no one has able to interview the survivors of the attack. What is it this Regime is trying to hide from the American people? This is worse than any other Presidential or political scandal in American history, because people were killed due to a political calculation (re-election of the President).  Any President who is unwilling to rescue Americans under attack, because they are only looking at how a military response affects them politically, is unfit to serve, because they are shrinking from their constitutional oath, and they should be removed from office. 

5. Who is your early pick for 2016? 

The Republican Party needs to pick a limited government, Constitutional conservative as their nominee in 2016. Between now and then, we need to take on and defeat the Karl Rove-consultant class RINOs who have given us two losing moderates they anointed because of their perceived "electability," as well as the "it's their turn" spirit of rotation.  We must do everything to make sure our nominee in 2016 is not Jeb Bush, nor Chris Christie. 

I wouldn't mind seeing Ted Cruz or Rand Paul, though I'd much rather see a governor take the leap. Scott Walker might be a good choice. However, my dream candidate has always been Sarah Palin, because she has name recognition, she is able to attract crowds, inspire people, and speak to them at their level. She's also not willing to "play it safe," by moderating her tone.  We need that. Plus, she's a powerful woman without the "screechy" "ex-wife from Hell" syndrome of someone like Hillary.  Who else can make liberal's heads collectively explode by simply holding up a Big Gulp or a can of chewing tobacco?  That's power!

6. Do you think that Hillary Clinton will make another run for the presidency?  

You betcha!  She's already calculating her run and has all but been anointed as the Democrat nominee.  She'll demand it too, after playing second fiddle to two men (Obama and Slick Willie) her entire political life.

7. Coke or Pepsi?  



So now, I will nominate my choices of bloggers I nominate for this honor. It’s hard because there’s so many bloggers I like and read, but I’ll pick seven, followed by seven questions for them to answer:

Midnight Blue


My questions to them:

1. What shaped your current political philosophy?

2. Do you see a resurgence of the Tea Party movement before the 2014 mid-term elections? Why or why not?

3. What is the most unreported political story that is being ignored by the “mainstream” media?

4. Who do you see as a rising conservative name to watch?

5. What do you do like to do away from blogging/political activism?

6. Which do you prefer: Beach or Mountains?

7. What is a quote you like to live by?


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:) I better up my game!

Tania said...

Thanks for the recognition! I will have post up this weekend :)

MaroonedinMarin said...

You're both welcome!

John Holliday said...

Does this mean I have to answer questions? Geez! More homework! I thought I was done with that 40 years ago!

Thanks for recognizing me. I don't think my own family knows I blog so it's nice to know that someone is reading the drivel I write!

Looks like I'm going to have to find Jimmy Hoffa's body to live up to this award.

John Holliday said...

I wasn't sure where to put my response to your nomination so I'll just link it here.

Thanks again. I am humbled.