Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Members of Liberal Teacher's Union Dance To (C)Rap Song With N-Word, Sexually Explicit Lyrics

Paula Deen can lose her livelihood for admitting she'd used a racial slur over 20 years ago before anyone even heard of her, but none of the big warehouse stores that won't carry her cookbooks have gotten rid of the CD's from (c)rap "artists" who write lyrics containing the "n-word".

I'm sure no one at the liberal National Education Association (NEA) teachers union will lose their job after they had teachers boogie to a (c)rap song that had not only the n-word, but sexually explicit lyrics (WND).
At its 2013 national convention in Atlanta last week, the National Education Association encouraged teachers to dance to a sexually explicit rap song that featured the “N”-word and declared, “When it’s over you ain’t gon need ya vibrator.”
The NEA, a nationwide labor union that represents public school teachers, played the song titled, “Wobble,” by V.I.C. at its “Raise Your Hand” conference – which was publicized as an event focused on “empowering educators to lead.”
In a video of the incident posted by EAG News, dozens of union delegates – mostly women – can be seen enthusiastically boogying and shaking their backsides to the lewd rap lyrics.
Here's the video of the dancing and a transcript of the lyrics (WARNING - Explicit Content).

I got em’ shakin their boobies like congos,
Man I’m shaking the city like quakes.
The haters blue the face like gonzo,
Cause I’m rakin’ a cake so let’s bake.
I’m taking the game, the games mine.
Ya’ll witness a change it’s my time.
Yea I’m new to the game but ya’ll might wanna save ya whack raps daylight saving time
I could dance homie, I don’t two-step,
Ya’ll looking at something like a true player.
A girl told me that a man that could dance might could possibly get down with the tool in his pants.
Now all my ladies let me see you vibrate.
And when it’s over you ain’t gon’ need ya vibrator.
Cause I’m a pro, make ya bend ya back low den just pound it real fast just like purkulator

Girl wobble it, and I’m a gobble it.
I see you movin your head, your head bobblin’
We can cradle the bed I’m straight rockin’ it
The girls say my head like the head of a rocket ship
God d-mn, I’m so explicit, but I can’t help it my flow ridiculous
Boy got a gift like it gotta be Christmas
Swag don’t miss like he gotta be gifted
The girls brought cameras and they want pictures
And they gon frame em to see dat nigga
Little to the bed while I’m sayin’ my scriptures
Cause I leave ya holy like ya pray in the temple
Want beat? I move with the lead of a pencil
And mine won’t miss you, goodnight kiss you
Take a band back, cause you got pistols
And I don’t think bounty picker up these issues
At the same convention, California Governor "Moonbeam" Jerry Brown was called "America's Greatest Education Governor.  NEA President Dennis Van Roekel even asked the crowd in attendance, “Do you believe that our 3 million members know how to improve student success? Do you?! Do you?! “Do you believe this is our time to create union-led change for our classrooms? Do you?!"

Well, if this is what the NEA has in mind, then it's way past time we got the unions out of the public teaching profession.

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