Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Egypt's Military Ousts Morsi In Coup...US Embassy Evacuated, Pro Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood Media Blocked

The Egyptian Military made good on their ultimatum to the nation's President, Mohammed Morsi and have deposed him by coup earlier this afternoon, a year after he was elected President (CNN).
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy, elected just a year ago, has been ousted from power, Gen. Abdel-Fatah El-Sisi just said in a televised address.
El-Sisi, Egypt's top military officer, announced that President Mohamed Morsy was no longer the leader of the country and warned the military would respond firmly to any violence. He also outlined a political road map for the country to follow.
Anti-Morsy demonstrators in Cairo's Tahrir Square, listening to the address, roared their approval when El-Sisi finished.
The same CNN blog has also noted how the US Embassy has evacuated "non-essential" personnel, and pro-Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood media outlets have been shut down.
Al Jazeera has offered more details of the reported raid on its Egypt station.
It says that its live Egypt service was taken off air during a live broadcast. "Security forces stormed the building and arrested the presenter, guests and producers," a post on Al Jazeera's website said.
Earlier, CNN's Ivan Watson reported from Cairo that at least three pro-Muslim Brotherhood TV stations in Egypt also appear to have been shut down.
Meanwhile, it's after midnight in Cairo, and the pro-Morsy and anti-Morsy rallies in Cairo still are going strong. On CNN International, CNN's Reza Sayah is reporting from the anti-Morsy demonstration at Cairo's Tahrir Square, and fireworks still are going off.
The Obama Regime has backed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood government, even up to the point where the Egyptian military gave their ultimatum.

Dustin Stockton picked up responses on Twitter from opponents of Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who are using the hashtag #MindYourBusinessUS, in reacting to Obama's support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Even though Morsi is out, it remains to be seen who might fill the void.

This is the scene in Tahir Square, right now...

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