Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Abortion Activists In Austin Allegedly Chanted "F** The Church" Inside Capitol Building

First it was "Hail Satan."

Now, some are alleging that many pro-abortion protesters in Austin uttered more blasphemy to protect the Most Precious blood sacrament of their "religion." (LifeNews).
The pro-abortion madness is continuing for yet another week. On the heels of death threats from an abortion activist to the Lt. Governor comes another outrage.

...The typical pro-abortion chant goes something like this: “Women must decide their fate, not the church, not the state.” Bryan Kemper of Stand True relayed to LifeNews reports from his staff at the scene and says many of the dozens of abortion advocates screaming tonight in the Texas capitol are replacing “not the church” with “f— the church.”
A video at the LifeNews link has the chanting, but, honestly, it is hard to make out the f-bomb.  I'd suggest to activists recording the protests that they take a video camera or smart phone camera and tape every utterance like this to get it clearly on the record.

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