Thursday, June 13, 2013

Twitter Critic, State Department Whistleblower Among Those Receiving Threats From Obama Regime

Perhaps before reading the rest of this post, you need to play this music in the background. Because when you see what the US Government is doing under Richard Milhous Obama, you'll think we live under a dictatorship.

A Twitter user just got a visit from the authorities for criticizing Dear Leader (Examiner via Gateway Pundit).
Tom Francois is an outspoken critic of Barack Hussein Obama- and has a robust Twitter presence. He also likes to dabble with his “paint” program to create funny cartoons. He has never threatened the President in any way, manner or form.
On April 11, 2013, he heard relentless pounding on his door shouts of “Police!” The officers introduced themselves as members of The Secret Service and asked if they could “take a look around.”
Since Tom had nothing to hide (and he didn’t want any return visits) – he complied fully with their request. He even signed a consent to search his premises AND an “Authorization To Review Medical and Mental Health Records!”
They asked Tom if he ever left his state or traveled to Washington, D.C.
One Agent asked Tom if he has any intentions of “whacking” the President.” To which Tom replied- “Of course not. I wish him no harm. I disagree with his policies and actions and I make no bones about it. It’s my First Amendment Right and I intend to exercise it.”
When I spoke to Tom he said, “Yes, I am EXTREMELY critical of Obama in my posts, but I never cross the line and threaten his being. EVER. It’s just the idea of Obama’s Secret Service intruding on my life when they knew I wasn’t really a threat.”
The Secret Service had a thick FBI file- filled with screenshots of hundreds of posts. Said Tom, “I flat out told them ‘I have NEVER threatened Obama’s life! Yes, I despise him as you can plainly see, but I have that right!’ They actually ADMITTED and agreed with me that I hadn’t threatened Obama.”
A State Department whistleblower is being threatened for revealing a cover up of some Department employees using prostitutes and drugs (USA Today).
The allegations were revealed after Aurelia Fedenisn, a former investigator at the State Department's Office of the Inspector General, complained to Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, that senior State Department officials interfered with investigations she was involved in, and then caused a report about the interference to be watered down.
Dallas lawyer Damon Mathias, who represents Fedenisn, said Fedenisn hired him after two diplomatic security agents spoke in a threatening manner to her teenage children at her home in a Virginia suburb of Washington. The agents arrived at the home to talk to Fedenisn about documents Fedenisn had given to Cruz and told the teens that they demanded to speak to their mom immediately, Mathias said.
Royce said he instructed his staff to investigate. At least one other committee is also investigating, according to a senior congressional staffer who was not authorized to speak on the record.
State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters Tuesday that the allegations are based on a memo that was written "without the benefit of reviewing any case files, (and) included a number of unsubstantiated accusations."
"The notion that we would not vigorously pursue criminal misconduct is not only preposterous, it's inaccurate," Psaki said.
Fedenisn had turned to Cruz after she learned that an investigative report she helped write before she retired in December lacked many investigative details when it was published in February, Mathias said.
Mathias says Fedenisn's claim is that agents from State's Diplomatic Security and other divisions engaged in very questionable and possibly criminal conduct; the Inspector General has been hampered in performing its oversight role; "and the findings they wanted to put in the report end up being left out," Mathias said. "So you have a coverup of the coverup."
When Fedenisn and her lawyers met with lawyers for the Office of the Inspector General, the government lawyers demanded she hand over the documents or they would refer the matter to the Department of Justice and Fedenisn would face criminal prosecution, Mathias said.
"They made it clear that they would go after her criminally," he said.
To show you how the Obama Regime is putting their people in sensitive places, Jen Psaki was part of Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns.  Now she's off covering for his Regime at the State Department.

Is it any wonder why so many people are willing to give Ed Snowden hero status?  I don't think I've ever seen a time when so many people have lost trust in government, and are using "security" as a reason to intrude on the lives of everyday Americans.

And how many more are afraid to speak out because of the thuggish tactics being used by this Regime?

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