Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sarah Palin Blasts Amnesty, Jeb Bush In Faith and Freedom Coalition Speech

Sarah Palin has put added her voice against the secretive Gang of Eight amnesty bill in a speech in Washington DC today (Breitbart).
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said the Senate's "special interest" immigration bill rewards "rule breakers" and was not the way to rebuild a conservative majority in America of people who want to restore the country's founding principles.

"Let's not kid ourselves," Palin said while speaking at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's "Road to Majority" conference on Saturday.

She said the Senate's immigration bill not only panders but also rewards "rule breakers." She also pointed out the border security provisions in the bill do not have teeth in criticizing the "special-interest-written amnesty bill."

She also poked fun at Jeb Bush's comments at the conference on Friday in which he said he supported immigration reform because immigrants were "more fertile."

She said it was "dangerous territory" to have immigration debates concerning "one race’s fertility rate over another."

"And I say this from someone who’s kinda fertile herself,” Palin zinged.
Here's Palin's entire speech.

Palin also blasted Obama's "Big Brother" spying program on all Americans (Mediaite).
“It seems so Orwellian around here,” Palin said. “Before 1984, terms like ‘leading from behind’ meant following. The other day the White House testified before Congress, bragging that they used the ‘least untruthful statement.’ Where I come from that’s called a lie.”
“Yes, officials lied, and government spied,” Palin rhymed. “In Benghazi, government lied, and Americans died. These scandals are coming at us so fast and furious.”
“It reminds me of a comedy bit from my really, really good friends at Saturday Night Live,” Palin said. “They should think of me as a friend, for a while I was supplying more job security for the Tina Feys of the world and doing more for those employment numbers than Obama’s ever done.”
Palin proceeded to do her best Amy Poehler impression.
“Our government spied on every single one of your phone calls,” she said, “but it couldn’t find two pot-smoking deadbeat Bostonians with a hotline to terrorist central in Chechnya. Really? And it’s built apparatus to sneak into all of the good guys’ communications, but oopsy-daisy! It missed the Fort Hood mass-murder of our own troops, despite this Islamic terrorist declaring his ideology in numerous army counseling sessions and on his own business cards. But no red flags there. Really?”
This is why Sarah Palin resonates with Americans, because she's not a part of nor speaks for the DC elite GOP crowd. That's why the GOP establishment hate her, and why conservatives can't stand the modern GOP a party whose leadership stands for nothing and will fall for anything.

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