Wednesday, June 19, 2013

REMINDER! MAF's Troopathon 2013 - Help Team COINS & Make A Donation Supporting Our Troops

I wrote about this last week, and wanted to remind you that this blog is taking part in the Move America Forward Troopathon once again this year in the blogger competition, as a part of Team COINS.

From our team captain, Mandy, aka Liberty Chick:
Leading up to the live broadcast, Troopathon runs a blogger competition to help in the fundraising activities.  Teams of bloggers compete to see which can raise the most.  I am the team captain this year for Team COINS, and am joined by several other excellent bloggers, including:
Marooned in Marin, on Twitter: @MaroonedInMarin
The Minority Report Blog, on Twitter: @stevenfoley
Help our team raise money for care packages for the troops.
$25 – Small Pack – Serves 1 – 2 Troops
$50 – Large Pack: Serves 3 – 4 Troops
$100 – Squad Pack: Serves 8 – 10 Troops
$200 – Platoon Pack: Serves 15 – 20 Troops
$600 – Company Pack: Serves 25 – 30 Troops
$1000 – Battalion Pack: Serves 50 – 60 Troops
You can also help by spreading the word and tweeting about Troopathon’s donation drive, using the #troopathon hashtag.  Support our blogger team by adding #TeamCOINS!
Here’s a suggested tweet, or make up your own:
Help #TeamCOINS in supporting our troops. Donate to #Troopathon to raise money for care packages. Time’s running out!

Go to the link above, or to the top button in the sidebar to make your donation. Thank you, but more importantly, our troops will thank you! 

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