Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Obama Donor Bill Maher Calls Trig Palin "Retarded." Doesn't Obama Owe Sarah Palin A Phone Call?

Liberal "comedian" Bill Maher donated a million dollars to a pro-Obama super PAC last year.  Never mind that Obama took Maher's money, even though the liberal celebrity has called Sarah Palin a "cunt" and a "twat" in his "comedy" routines.

Maher went even more over the line, attacking the Palin's young special needs son Trig, who suffers from Downs Syndrome (
(Ron) Futrell, a former Las Vegas sports broadcaster and Breitbart News contributor, says on his blog that Maher used the term "retarded" to describe young Trig Palin during the comedy performance. Later, Futrell started heckling the comic over a reference to Halliburton, a confrontation which eventually led to Futrell being asked to leave the venue.
He didn't regret speaking out during the stand-up event.
"I will also always be glad to stand up for those, who many times, have no voice," he wrote on his blog regarding the incident.

Good for you, Ron, for having some decency and standing up to this liberal coward who attacks a special needs child.

Palin issued a challenge to Maher on Twitter.

Maher, being the coward he is, isn't man enough to the challenge. He'd probably wet his pants and run away if Palin entered the same room he was in.

Meanwhile, remember how Richard Milhous Obama condemned Rush Limbaugh, after the radio host called Sarah the Fluke a "slut" because she wants taxpayers to pay for her sex life?  Obama even called the Fluke and took one on the campaign trail with him.

Now, Obama's donor has attacked a special needs child.

Hey Obama, don't you think you owe Sarah Palin a phone call, as well as condemn Bill Maher and return that one million?  After all, where's all that "civility" you lecture us about?

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