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Incivility For Infanticide: Wendy Davis Is No Hero

On today's Sunday morning "news" shows, the liberal Obama lapdog media is working to make a national hero out of Texas State Senator Wendy Davis.


Because Davis led an 11 hour filibuster against a bill that would restrict abortions after 20 weeks.

However, liberal Democrats, and their media allies are ramping up the fear-mongering, calling this taking away women's rights, restricting access to "women's health-clinics" (read: abortion facilities), and other phony BS terms.

The passage of the bill was all but certain, but what stopped it was an unruly mob of liberals who disrupted the Texas Senate Chamber when Davis' filibuster was stopped on procedural terms. The behavior of the Obamabots and liberals was a scene of bullying reminiscent of a third-world banana republic, not a representative Republic.

Obama sent out a Tweet:

And his AstroTurf organization sent out an e-mail showing support for the unruly mob,

...even though Obama has lectured the nation before about the need for "civility" and talking to opponents "in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds."  But that's not the case. What happened at the State Capitol Building in Austin was another example of Chicago-style thuggery, approved by the Community Organizer-In-Chief.

Wendy Davis is being portrayed by so-called "feminists," the Democrats and liberals as a "hero," who are not only seeking to turn the Red state of Texas to Blue, but protecting the sacred blood sacrament of their "religion" called liberalism.

Why is this heroic, and what is it that Davis, as well as Obama, the national Democrat Party, Planned Parenthood and the abortion on demand lobby trying to stop?

There's an explanation at Lone Star Tea Party:
Instead of seeking publicity and trying to ingratiate herself with Obama/Pelosi/Richards, Sen. Wendy Davis (and all Texas women) should thank the Texas Legislators who wrote SB 5 because they are trying to make sure that Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s “house of horrors” do not repeat themselves in Texas. 
Here are excerpts taken from various Internet sites.  These should shock and dismay even the most hardened pro-abortion supporters such as Sen. Wendy Davis. 
1.20.11 – “At Filthy Clinic, Babies Met an Inhumane End, Grand Jury Says” – by Dana Difilippo – Philly.com
 In his squalid West Philadelphia abortion clinic, Kermit Gosnell had a surefire way of dealing with the unwelcome complication of a live birth: He'd allegedly plunge scissors into the squirming newborn's neck, killing it by severing the spinal cord.
 …One premature infant wiggled around on a counter for 20 minutes before an untrained worker slit his neck - after first playing with him.
 Gosnell killed "hundreds" of babies and at least two women during abortions from 1979 to last year at his Women's Medical Society at 38th Street and Lancaster Avenue, according to the grand jury. Further, he and his unlicensed, unskilled staff overdosed patients with drugs, perforated their wombs and bowels, and spread venereal disease by using unsterilized equipment, the report said.
But there's more about SB5 the lapdog media probably hasn't told you, since they're too busy cheerleading Davis.
Texas SB 5 is directly in line with the same, ever-growing medical evidence that was brought before the U. S. House.  It was this medical evidence that led the U. S. House to pass a bill on 6.18.13 banning late-term abortions after 20 weeks because preborn children feel pain. Texas SB 5 contains that same requirement.
...Our Texas Legislature also added other medically protective mechanisms to SB 5:
Requiring all abortion clinics to meet the same health and safety regulations as ambulatory surgical centers
Requiring a doctor providing abortions to secure admitting privileges at a nearby hospital
Requiring a doctor to personally administer the abortion-inducing drugs to the patient

In a piece that appeared at The Corner on National Review, Michael New wrote:
The media’s coverage surrounding SB 5 during the last few days has been very revealing. Many outlets have run puff pieces about state senator Wendy Davis who mounted a filibuster to block the pro-life law. However, there are a number of other stories the media have decided to ignore. First is that SB 5 enjoyed broad support in the Texas legislature. For a bill that the media spin machine relentlessly tried to hype as controversial, SB 5 was supported by nearly two thirds of the State Senate. A similar bill was supported by 70 percent of the State House. A recent poll by National Journal finds that by a 48-44 margin, Americans favor banning abortion after 20 weeks of gestation. Furthermore, 50 percent of women surveyed support the ban.
Think about this too. This is what Wendy Davis and the liberals are saying you have the right to end the life of.

Image above from
Image above from

From Pregnancy Corner:

At 11 ounces and a little more than 7 ½ inches long, your baby’s growth has slowed in recent weeks, but it will pick back up from the 20th week forward. You’re probably feeling movements made by your baby more frequently as he or she tests the boundaries within the walls of the womb. The lungs are not yet mature, but the baby is breathing.

In other words, the baby at 20 weeks and beyond is moving and breathing.  Yet Wendy Davis, Obama and the Democrats think a woman should have the right to end the baby's life?

Even though I'm a man, (the enemy, according to the modern feminist movement) I'll never forget when my son was this far along in his development, when I heard his heartbeat, or saw him through the ultrasound. Regardless of my gender, if anything ever cemented my position as being pro-life, it was seeing my son's development, knowing there was a living, breathing, moving person inside my wife.

This is what insults me about modern "feminism."  The Obamabots at OFA depict limiting abortions after 20 weeks as "taking women's rights away." Why is it that the only right women are to have is to an abortion, in the minds of liberal Democrats? What about the right to be individuals?  The "choice" to be either a homemaker or career woman, as well as a mother.  Fulfilling your own destiny, instead of having some liberal "group think" tell you what to believe, and when you choose your own path (aka Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, other conservative or free-thinking women), you're derided as a "traitor" or "runaway slave" by the gatekeepers of group think for the so-called "special interests" liberals claim to champion.

And don't lecture me about "privacy" and "no one should be between a woman and her doctor." Especially when we have a President who has violated every American's privacy via the NSA, and Obamacare, which put the government bureaucrats between every American and their doctor.

Sorry libs, Obama and your AstroTurf...Wendy Davis is no hero. She's not standing up for women, nor the lives of the most innocent.

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