Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bill O'Reilly Is Not Looking Out For Unemployed Americans, He's Siding With Those Who Broke Immigration Laws Instead

If Bill O'Reilly had any sense of honor and decency, he'd leave Fox News and go join MSNBC, because he showed tonight he's definitely not looking out for the "folks."

Not only did O'Reilly endorse the massive, not yet completed, so-called "immigration reform" bill, he got his clock cleaned when Laura Ingraham (who has actually read what's been written as a bill) brought facts to torpedo his emotionally charged arguments, reminding him at the same time how he wasn't "looking out for the folks." (Mediaite)

Even after border security amendments were added today, many Republicans and conservatives are still skeptical of the immigration reform bill. Ingraham told O’Reilly that she was “uproariously laughing” at his interview with a Republican senator supporting the bill, saying people like Marco Rubio were claiming the public months ago the bill had the toughest immigration enforcement ever. O’Reilly was more optimistic about the bill, clashing with Ingraham over the economic benefits of the bill and whether the GOP needs immigration reform in order to gain more support among Hispanic voters. Ingraham rolled her eyes at O’Reilly and told him not to buy into the Democrats’ “phony, fraudulent narrative.”

Ingraham is right. O'Reilly has bought into the liberal narrative that the GOP will not win elections nationally if they don't drop the securing the border narrative. Let me ask Bill O'Reilly, what makes you think that's true? Because the clowns at MSNBC like RINO Morning Joke and others lecture the GOP to become more liberal?  When was the last time the media lectured Democrats not to be too far left?

The problem O'Reilly, and many in the GOP leadership as well as Marco Rubio, have forgotten is something that Mittens Romney acknowledged at least for one brief moment. The media is not our friend.  They are not interested in the electoral success of Republicans.  O'Reilly was sounding more and more like a liberal he belongs on MSNBC, all while he's allowing all the spin from Rubio and other pro-Amnesty Republicans in the so-called "No Spin Zone."

Right Bill.

So I guess we can say that Bill O'Reilly is not looking out for the folks who are unemployed or working for less than what they were making a few years ago. He's only looking out for the liberal and GOP establishment elitists who want cheap labor, which hurts poor Americans who can't find work.

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