Friday, May 10, 2013

Who Is In the "Fringe Lane," Barbara Boxer?

That embarrassment from the San Francisco Bay Area known as Barbara Boxer decided to show everyone what a walking contradiction she is, by calling GOP senators "fringe" for obstructing the nomination of Gina McCarthy to head the radicalized Obama EPA (Real Clear Politics).

“It shows how obstructionist they are. It shows how their pledge to do better with women voters is false,” Boxer said, calling McCarthy “perhaps the most qualified nominee” to lead the EPA.
In Babsie's warped mind, the blocking of McCarthy to head the EPA is "sexist."

Never mind that Boxer, along with the former KKKleagle Robert "Sheets" Byrd tried to block the nomination of Condoleezza Rice, a black woman, to be the first black woman as Secretary of State for George W. Bush.
But beside that hypocrisy, Boxer the champion of modern feminism, shows exactly what modern feminism is about...not about equal pay or opportunity, but vitriolic anger toward "the evil, oppressive patriarchy." Remember her snide "don't call me ma'am" remark to a General?

It is reverse sexism? It's way of telling the General "I'm wearing the pants in this room. That is what modern "feminists" consider "equality," along with the blood sacrament of abortion on demand, which Boxer is a prominent champion of.  Check out what she has said about the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the late-term abortion provider (Life News).
In a speech today on the Senate floor, pro-abortion Sen. Barbara Boxer of California opposed a resolution calling for hearings on abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell and abortion.
As LifeNews has reported, Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal is leading the opposition to the resolution and Boxer joined him on the floor of the Senate today to articulate her opposition.
During the speech, Boxer said the problems at the Gosnell abortion clinic were really no different than problems at any other medical clinic. The comment earned her quick condemnation on Twitter from pro-life advocates.
So, in Babsie Boxer's warped mind, it's perfectly OK to kill a live baby after birth, snip it's spinal cord, or have it swimming around in a toilet.

Just who is in the fringe lane, Barbara?

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