Sunday, May 05, 2013

(VIDEO) SC Dem Chair: Send Gov. Nikki Haley (Indian Ancestry) "Back To Wherever The Hell She Came From"

I saw this on Twitter when it happened Friday night, Aaron Worthing has the video from Mediaite:

As Worthing points out, Haley is actually from Bamburg, South Carolina. Her parents are immigrants from India.

Now, if Gov. Nikki Haley was a Democrat, and Dick Harpootlian was a Republican, and this was said at a GOP Lincoln/Reagan Dinner where the vice president attended, you'd hear endless howls in the media not only about racism, but about the supposed "war on women" continuing.

But you probably didn't hear about this, since Haley is a Republican.

And yes, Joe Bite Me spoke at the event and didn't utter a word of condemnation. It was your garden variety Biden speech, minus the Deliverance references.

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