Wednesday, May 01, 2013

UK Daily Mail: Saudi Arabia Warned US IN WRITING About Boston Marathon Bomber

As the writer (and Legal Insurrection) noted all this depends on if this story is true. In that case, this story is massive and exposes how much this Regime does not take seriously the threat of Islamofascist terrorism. From the UK Daily Mail.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sent a written warning about accused Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in 2012, long before pressure-cooker blasts killed three and injured hundreds, according to a senior Saudi government official with direct knowledge of the document.

The Saudi warning, the official told MailOnline, was separate from the multiple red flags raised by Russian intelligence in 2011, and was based on human intelligence developed independently in Yemen.

Citing security concerns, the Saudi government also denied an entry visa to the elder Tsarnaev brother in December 2011, when he hoped to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, the source said. Tsarnaev's plans to visit Saudi Arabia have not been previously disclosed.

The Saudis' warning to the U.S. government was also shared with the British government. 'It was very specific’ and warned that 'something was going to happen in a major U.S. city,' the Saudi official said during an extensive interview.

It 'did name Tamerlan specifically,' he added. The 'government-to-government' letter, which he said was sent to the Department of Homeland Security at the highest level, did not name Boston or suggest a date for his planned attack.

If true, the account will produce added pressure on the Homeland Security department and the White House to explain their collective inaction after similar warnings were offered about Tsarnaev by the Russian government.
The Regime is denying it, and from video at Gateway Pundit, Obama praised the DHS and FBI for doing "what it was supposed to be doing."

Is there a letter that someone has a copy of as proof?

If so, and this allegation is true, Janet Incompitano needs to go, and hell needs to be raised about why our security failed us.

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