Thursday, May 23, 2013

St. Louis TV Reporter Who Wrote Of IRS Audit After Obama Interview Has Been Fired, Station Receives Backlash From Viewers

You might remember Larry Conners, a long-time reporter for KMOV in St. Louis, who wrote on Facebook how he received IRS audits after giving a tough interview to Richard Milhous Obama last year.

KMOV made Conners read a prepared statement retracting his Facebook post, took him off the air, and now, Dana Loesch writes that they have fired him as of yesterday.

After the firing of Conners, Loesch checked the Facebook page of KMOV and reported on the backlash the station is receiving.
Wow. Backlash is building after KMOV Channel 4 fired Larry Conners, an award-winning reporter whose career spanned 27 years, for posting an observation about the IRS scandal on his personal Facebook page.
Here are two screen grabs of just a few pushback comments from their heavily inundated Facebook page:

Conners is lawyered-up; next remote from the courtroom?
Contact the President and GM of KMOV, Mark Pimentel, here: .
Let's see...
We're living in tyranny, folks.

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