Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Man Who Knew Dead Boston Marathon Bomber Killed In FBI Shooting In Orlando, FL

News out of Orlando, FL, this morning as a Chechen man was fatally shot while undergoing questioning by the FBI ( via FreeRepublic.).

The fatal shooting happened just after midnight at 6022 Peregrine Avenue in the Windhover Apartments in Orlando.  Friends identified the man who was shot and killed as 26-year-old Ibragim Todashev.
"The agent encountered the suspect while conducting official duties. The suspect is deceased," FBI Special Agent Dave Couvertier told Local 6.
John Miller, the former FBI assistant director who now works for CBS News, says the FBI was trying to re-question Todashev at his apartment when "something went wrong."  Details of the incident have not yet been released.
The FBI has not confirmed the link to the Boston bombing, but Khusen Taramov, a friend of Todashev, told Local 6 that Todashev knew Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed in a shootout with police near Boston days after the marathon bombing.
“Back when (Todashev) used to live in Boston, they used to hang out -- not hang out -- he knew him.  They met a few times because (Todashev) was a MMA fighter and (Tsarnaev) was a boxer.  They just knew each other.  That’s it,” said Taramov, who added that Todashev last spoke with Tsarnaev via phone more than a month ago.
Taramov adamantly stated that Todashev, who was arrested in Orlando earlier this month on battery charges, was not connected to the bombing.
"I know that for sure," he said.
Taramov said the FBI had been watching and following Todashev since Tsarnaev was identified as a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.
“We had a feeling that a worse-case scenario, that something like (a shooting) is going to happen,” said Taramov, who added that Todashev had recently booked a plane ticket.
“He had a ticket to New York.  From there, he was going to go home,” he said.  “(The FBI was) pushing him to stay, saying, ‘We want to interview one last time.'"
Question is, why was he shot? Was he resisting arrest and pulled a gun on agents? Did he know a lot more about the bombing than is being suggested by his friends in the article? How close was this guy in Florida to the dead Boston bomber? Was he possibly a part of a "sleeper cell?"

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