Thursday, May 30, 2013

Former IRS Director Had More White House Visits Than Cabinet Members (Bet It Wasn't For Coffee, Either)

The Daily Caller has found that former IRS Director Douglas Shulman visited the Obama White House more than any other cabinet member.

A total of 157 times.
Shulman’s extensive access to the White House first came to light during his testimony last week before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Shulman gave assorted answers when asked why he had visited the White House 118 times during the period that the IRS was targeting tea party and conservative nonprofits for extra scrutiny and delays on their tax-exempt applications.
By contrast, Shulman’s predecessor Mark Everson only visited the White House once during four years of service in the George W. Bush administration and compared the IRS’s remoteness from the president to “Siberia.” But the scope of Shulman’s White House visits — which strongly suggests coordination by White House officials in the campaign against the president’s political opponents — is even more striking in comparison to the publicly recorded access of Cabinet members.
So why would the IRS director be visiting the White House more than any other cabinet member?  When his agency, the IRS, is targeting conservative, Tea Party, Christian, and (now being revealed) pro-Israel groups who oppose the Obama Regime's policies, you can bet those White House visits weren't for the coffee.

We also found out today that a poll shows 76 percent of Americans want a special prosecutor to investigate this IRS targeting.  There should be one, especially since I really don't have confidence in the House GOP to adequately investigate this.  It appears the public gets this too.  This isn't about politics. What people, aside from a small number of idiots, realize is that this kind of abuse of power, if left unchecked, can be done by any side of the political spectrum. When that happens, there is no such thing as free political expression (as guaranteed by the First Amendment) or equal protection under the law (guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment).

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