Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Everyone Blog About Pigford Day -- Andrew Breitbart On Pigford, How It Ties In With Obama & Democrats

Lee Stranahan has called for today, May 1 to be "Everyone Blog About Pigford Day."  As my contribution, I dipped into my video archives from CPAC 2011 to present this video I found (in three parts of the late Andrew Breitbart talking about Pigford and how he first became aware of it as a result of the Shirley Sherrod episode.

In video II, Breitbart discusses how Pigford ties in with an Illinois Senator named Barack Obama, who was the sole Senate sponsor of legislation crafted by the Congressional Black Caucus to extend the statute of limitations for more to apply for Pigford money.

In video III, Breitbart introduces Stranahan to the bloggers in attendance, and mentions a film that spelled out Pigford as a vote-buying scheme by the Democrats.

Last week, the New York Times vindicated Andrew Breitbart in their front-page expose on Pigford. Now, will Congress begin hearings into this scandal?

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