Thursday, May 02, 2013

Dick "Our Troops Are Nazis" Durbin Doesn't Mind Speaking To Commies On May Day

Rebel Pundit actually got up close to ask Illinois Senator (and pusher of illegal alien amnesty) Dick Turbin about speaking to communists on the pinko holiday known as May Day (Illinois Report).

From RebelPundit.
Durbin then mounted a rather bizarre defense of his participation in the rally–on free speech grounds:

Rebelpundit: There is a large contingent of Communist Party USA, anarchists, international socialist groups here today that you just spoke to…

Durbin: How do you know that?

Rebelpundit: Because I’ve filmed them all day, and you just spoke to them, so I’d like to ask about your participation, why you decided to come out today?

Durbin: Well let me just say something, because [pause] I believe in the Constitution. Do you believe in it?

Rebelpundit: Because you believe in the Constitution you decided to come out to a rally full of communists and socialists?

Durbin: And you know why?

Rebelpundit: Why?

Durbin: Because we have freedom of speech in America, and that’s why you can record this and not be arrested.

RebelPundit: You think I should be arrested?

Durbin: No, not at all, you have a right to your constitutional rights, and I do, too.

Of course, Durbin could go to a Nazi or KKK rally, too–but does that mean, as a United States Senator, he should?

Never mind as Sen. Turbin spoke, addressing people who advocate breaking our immigration laws as "immigrants" a flag of mass-murdering Communist Che Guevara was flying in the audience.

Remember that Turbin in 2005 also compared our troops at Club Gitmo to Nazis or the Communist Regime of Pol Pot.

But he's not ashamed to hang out with communists.

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