Friday, May 24, 2013

2007: Obama Called For Bush Attorney General To Resign For "Politiciziing" Justice Department...When Will Obama Call For Holder's Resignation?

What a hypocrite!

Back when he was a presidential candidate in 2007, Richard Milhous Obama called for George W. Bush to get rid of his attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, because Gonzales had fired a couple of attorneys at the DOJ (which he was entitled to do).

Obama and the rest of the liberal Democrats claimed Gonzales had "politicized" the Justice Department (

Reminder: All Gonzales did was fired a few attorneys, which was perfectly in his right to do. Janet Reno fired all attorneys at the DOJ when she started her reign of terror.

But Eric Holder has:
Now last night we find that Holder approved a warrant against a Fox News reporter, James Rosen, for allegedly violating the Espionage Act, never mind there's no proof that Rosen was giving information to a foreign enemy.

Eric Holder has been the most partisan, racially polarizing attorney general in US history, and turned the blind eye of the Justice Department into the InJustice Department, where law enforcement is used to force Obama's tyrannical agenda.

Eric Holder needs to resign his position and investigated for any crimes committed as attorney general.  So when will you call for his resignation, Richard Milhous Obama?

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