Thursday, April 18, 2013

Suspect Who Allegedly Sent Ricin Letters to Obama & GOP Senator Is Elvis Impersonator, Democrat, 9/11 Troofer

The man who sent Republican Senator from Mississippi and Richard Milhous Obama packages laced with Ricin was arrested yesterday, and liberals like Charles "Icarus" Johnson were breathlessly excited, because they got their white, redneck, right-wing, racist, terrorist they could use to tar and feather conservatives with.

Well they thought they did. But Paul Kevin Curtis, who is alleged to have sent the letters, claims to be a Christian Democrat...

As well as an Elvis impersonator...

and a conspiracy nut/9-11 Troofer (Pundit Press).
The story of Paul Kevin Curtis, also known as "KC," is getting stranger and stranger. First, the media mis-reported that a "Kenneth Curtis" had been arrested as the ricin letter suspect. Then it was changed to Paul Kevin Curtis.

Next it was revealed that Curtis describes himself as a liberal and a democrat. After this, pictures like this began to be found:

Now there's this: "KC" believed the terrorist attacks of September 11 were perpetrated by the government of the United States, and specifically pleaded with President Obama on Twitter to investigate. He sent out this tweet twice on two separate occasions:

The video linked to is of Charlie Sheen explaining why 9/11 was undertaken by the government:

He also posted about conspiracy theories on his Twitter account:

Just as odd, if not more so, was the fact that Paul Kevin Curtis claims to have found "dismembered body parts and organs in a refrigerator."
What a nut!

Who knows what will happen. However, should Mr. Curtis go to trial and be found guilty of the crimes he is alleged, this might possibly be his next performance as The King.

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