Monday, April 15, 2013

Runner Captures Bomb Blast On Video, Apartment In Revere, MA Being Searched

Another video of today's bombing at the Boston Marathon, from the perspective of a runner (h/t Mary Katherine Ham, via Twitter).

Gateway Pundit has posted that agents have executed a search warrant at an apartment in Revere, MA.
BOSTON BOMBING UPDATE—–Federal search warrant is now being executed at 5th floor apt 364 Ocean Ave in Revere, MA – alot of activity, different agencies on scene.
From internet activist Jester:
364 Ocean Ave, Revere MA – FBI, Homeland Security, ICE, State Police and Bomb squad just made entry to 5th floor apt. Unclear if connected.
The Ocean Shore Tower is located at 354 Ocean Avenue.
Considerably more activity now in the lobby of the 5th floor Revere MA apartment building. More Agents are gathered there.
There appears to be an apartment building in the 364-394 area of Ocean Avenue that, based on tenant comments at Apartment Ratings, appears not to be a good place to live.

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