Wednesday, April 17, 2013

OBAMA'S WATERGATE? Alleged Bugger Of RINO Sen. Mitch McConnell Visited White House

Is this why the Democrats and all the other liberals clammed up days after they had LOL'ed the stories of RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's campaign staff being illegally taped in a campaign strategy session? (BuzzFeed).
White House logs and the Twitter feed of Shawn Reilly, one of two men at the heart of the McConnell wiretapping scandal, show he met with White House officials on Dec. 5, just days before his organization Progress Kentucky began a messaging blitzkrieg against the Republican leader.
Reilly and Curtis Morrison are currently under investigation by the FBI for illicitly taping a campaign conversation between McConnell and a handful of his advisors. During the conversation McConnell and his aides discussed the potential candidacy of actress Ashley Judd — including using her mental health problems against her.
For days, Democrats in the state and nationally have sought to cast the duo as a pair of bungling amateurs who simply got in over their heads and made a series of bad decisions. But the White House visit suggests the distance from Reilly to his party's leaders may not have been quite that far.
The White House visitors log, showing Reilly met with administration officials Dec. 5th, appears to have been signed in by Victoria McCullough, a staff assistant to Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett.
Reilly also tweeted a picture of what he said was his meeting inside the White House's office complex:
...On Dec. 13, eight days after Reilly's meeting with the White House, Progress Kentucky tweeted: "The single most important thing we want to achieve: Electing a new US Senator to represent Kentucky," which started a daily barrage of often more than a dozen tweets and retweets directly aimed at McConnell.
Over the next several months the pace of their Twitter attacks, and the vitriol, escalated. The organization hammered McConnell over his positions on fiscal issues, questioned his personal wealth before moving into more personal territory — at one point, Progress Kentucky sent a series of tweets accusing him of favoring China because of her ethnicity and claiming McConnell is a closeted gay man.
So, this poses the proverbial question: What did Obama know and when did he know it?

Clearly, Obama is the most corrupt President since Richard Milhous Nixon (why he is refered here as Richard Milhous Obama), except that Obama's corruption has cost lives (Fast and Furious, BenghaziGate) which have been covered up by his activist, lapdog media.

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