Saturday, April 27, 2013

Michigan Democrat Caught On Tape Calling Colleague "An Arrogant Nigger"

If you listen to elected Democrats and their media lapdogs on stations like MSNBC, you get the impression that Republicans, and especially conservatives, are KKK members, racists, sexist, bigots, know, all the negative perjoratives you can throw to smear someone.

But Democrats can drop the same language they accuse their ideological opponents of like it was casual language.

Take Gloria Platko, a clerk in Buena Vista Township, Michigan. (Western Journalism, h/t Erik Rush via Twitter)
Buena Vista Township, Michigan Clerk Gloria Platko is resisting demands that she step down after another local official taped a phone conversation in which Platko used the n-word. Contains brief strong language.

Now if she'd been a Republican, and a conservative, Tea Party one at that, there would be nationwide calls for her to step down.

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