Monday, April 22, 2013

Lawsuit Filed By Airlines, Pilots Over FAA Furloughs Due To Sequester

Heard about this in a phone conversation with my dad, a former airline employee. Looks like some people are willing to hold this Regime's feet to the fire when it comes to their efforts to (as Valerie Jarrett said) inflict "payback time."  (Fox News).
Airline and pilot organizations have filed suit in a bid to stop the Federal Aviation Administration from going through with furloughs set to kick in this weekend, echoing the claims of congressional Republicans that the agency could have found the savings elsewhere.
The suit comes after FAA Administrator Michael Huerta testified Thursday that the public should expect flight delays as furloughs take effect Sunday for air traffic controllers. He said FAA officials could find no other way to cut $637 million from the agency's budget as required by the sequester.
But two airline trade associations and the Air Line Pilots Association said Friday they have filed a lawsuit asking a federal court in Washington to block the furloughs -- though the court is unlikely to schedule a hearing until next week, after the furloughs have begun.
"The impact of these cuts on our industry cannot be overstated," said Faye Black, vice president of the Regional Airline Association, which joined the suit.
The groups joined congressional Republicans in arguing that the FAA was acting inappropriately. While the FAA announced Thursday it was moving ahead with furloughs, the Transportation Security Administration announced that it had found ways to avoid them.
Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said Thursday that the FAA "has made zero effort" to avoid the furloughs.
"The FAA's decision is a dangerous political stunt that could jeopardize the safety and security of air travelers," he said in a statement. 
The FAA has estimated there could be flight delays of about 90 minutes during peak periods.

Coburn claimed the FAA has failed to make "smart cuts" to avoid this outcome. He suggested the agency could reduce spending on "consultants, supplies and travel" by 15 percent, saving $105 million. He also claimed the agency could save much more than that by trimming a grant program for airport improvements.

Huerta said Thursday the furloughs were necessary.
Huerta is full of it, and we all know how much pain the Regime is trying to put on the American public for the sole purpose of getting more money out of our pockets, via tax increases.  We know this because the Regime has sent e-mails telling Federal agencies to make the cuts hurt.

Oh, and speaking of the 149 control towers that were closed because of the cuts, is there any surprise they were non-union operated towers?

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