Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Charges Dropped Against Elvis Impersonator For Ricin-Laced Letters Sent To Senator & Obama

It sounds like, from what was presented, the Federal attorneys had "Suspicious Minds" about allegations against Kevin Curtis, the Elvis impersonator arrested last week for allegedly sending letter laced with ricin to Richard Milhous Obama and US Senator Roger Wicker.

The UK Daily Mail has more...
Charges have been dropped against a Mississippi man charged with sending ricin-laced poison letters to President Barack Obama, a U.S. senator and a state judge after his lawyer argued that he has been framed by a former friend.
'I've never heard of ricin or whatever. I thought they said rice. I told them I don't eat rice,' Kevin Curtis said at a press conference today, describing the moment he was questioned by federal authorities.
Defense lawyer Christi McCoy said whoever framed her client was able to lead the FBI to his door simply by including Curtis' catch-phrase 'I'm KC and I approve this message' and a few other clues in the threatening notes that were mailed to Washington.
McCoy suggested in court on Monday that federal authorities should instead investigate J. Everett Dutschke, an accused child molester who unsuccessfully ran for a Mississippi state House seat against the son of one of the ricin targets.
McCoy said Dutschke recently had a falling out with Curtis after an argument over email. Dutschke and Curtis' brother are former business partners.
On Tuesday local police and federal agents searched Dutschke home and asked him to take a lie detector test. Dutschke has denied any involvement in the threats and has not been accused of wrongdoing by authorities.
McCoy told CNN this afternoon that federal agents have not recovered any physical evidence tying Curtis to the poisoned letters.
Which makes me wonder, why did the Federal Government make an arrest of this guy and press charges, if they didn't have airtight evidence proving he sent these letters?  Were they just acting fast and not carefully since the whole Boston terror attack had happened, and no suspect had been found yet?

I wonder if this guy Curtis is planning any legal action against the government over this. I wouldn't blame him.

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