Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Ann Coulter: Defining The Phrase "Cut And Run"

Jen Kuznicki writes the following at her blog that is worth reading and I am in full agreement with: "Ann Coulter is an enemy to conservatism, and should be treated as such."
In an amazing couple of years, Ann Coulter has gone from defender of the average American to elitist establishment hack, and everyone wants to know, how does that happen, who will fall next, and why.
The year 2011 was the big eye-opener for many conservative new-comers to politics, as we watched our newly minted politicians be co-opted because the leadership wasn’t particularly interested in the message of limited government. It is the year most cited as the biggest disappointment, because after working their tails off in 2010 to elect who they thought were conservatives, tea partiers watched a dysfunctional GOP do exactly the opposite of what we sent them there for.
But 2011 was also the year that Ann Coulter changed on a dime, and went from supporter of “authentic American” Sarah Palin, to knocking her down as a non-authentic American, who never made good points, wasn’t smart enough, and was just after money.
Read the rest. She goes into detail about how Coulter flipped from being a Palin defender to Palin trasher, culminating with her snarky attack on the former Alaska Governor on the occasion of Lady Margaret Thatcher's death yesterday.

Of course, Ann won't respond to the criticism that has come her way since her ignorant comments. She can't, because like our current sorry excuse of a President, Coulter cannot take criticsm well, and will run away if she's confronted.

Take the following video made in 2009 of Coulter hanging up on talk-radio hosts who confronted her on her 2008 defense of Flip Romney, even when the facts showed she was wrong (h/t to comment on Mark Levin facebook page).

Back at CPAC 2012, when confronted on her support for Romney a year after stating if he was the nominee, he'd lose against Obama, Coulter also played her game of "cut and run" with this blogger.

So, as she proved once again yesterday, Ann Coulter is a novelty act who espouses more of a northeast elite attitude instead of any real, authentic conservatism.  Her wit and snark might sell books, but she shows her defenses are shallow when it comes to being confronted on inaccuracies.

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