Saturday, March 16, 2013

(VIDEO) Sarah Palin Swipes Nanny Bloomberg With A Big Gulp At CPAC 2013

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin loves liberty...especially when it is a Big Gulp, or any other items liberals love to hate or want to ban.

Palin, in her address to CPAC earlier this afternoon, took a swipe at New York Mayor Nanny Bloomberg by bringing out a larger-than-16-oz Big Gulp and drinking it from the stage.

Bloomberg wasn't the only person Palin took a swipe at. She also took on the Architect......ssss (Karl Rove) and the GOP consultant class who engineered Mitt Romney's 2012 failed attempt to defeat Richard Milhous Obama.

Entire speech.

In a surprise introduction, Palin was introduced by the new US Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, who was endorsed by Palin in the 2012 election. Cruz noted that, not only does Palin pick winners, she drives liberals and the media "bat crap crazy!"

Just as she did last year, Sarah Palin proved once again she can bring a unity and enthusiasm to a huge conservative event like CPAC.

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