Monday, March 25, 2013

(VIDEO) Greg Gutfield Rips Jim Carrey & His Vile Attack On Gun Owners

What happens when your career as an entertainer is on the downside?

Answer: You go on a liberal political rant in which you attack the same people who once made your living.

That's what has happened to the once funny Jim Carrey. He's gone for the hysterically funny Ace Ventura to mocking "redneck" gun owners as "heartless motherf**kers" and attacking the late Charlton Heston with a vile song "Cold Dead Hand."

Well, Greg Gutfield, as many of us did yesterday, took to Twitter to take Carrey to task (Twitchy). But Gutfield wasn't done, and went on an epic rant against Carrey on Fox's "The Five."

Radio host Dana Loesch also took Carrey on via Twitter last night, noting that Carrey has recently made a movie called "Kick Ass 2" that glorifies gun use.

Or other Jim Carrey celluloid gun violence.

Which reminds me of other hypocritical Hollywood idiots who say one thing about gun violence, but profit off of it.

Yeah, some people were saying "oh you're just giving them attention." No, the problem is these liberal line readers, most of whom cannot do anything independently without some agent or PR person telling them what to do next, abuse their celebrity by influencing their audience to think a certain way.  Mostly, in a secular, liberal philosophy.
So, turn off the lights Jim Carrey! You were funny 20 years ago, but no more.  Go back to Canada and take that stupid band Rush with you too!

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