Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez DEAD -- American Leftists In Mourning

Cue the music!!!!

Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez is dead and wondering what that sulphur smell is around him.

American Leftists are in mourning (Twitchy)

Jimmy Carter wants Chavez remembered for ‘gains made for the poor’

Oliver Stone tweets that Chavez ‘will live forever in history’

Appalling: Media swoon over crooner Hugo Chavez; Just a ‘firebrand,’ ‘hero to Venezuela’s poor’

Foul: Rep. Serrano tweets rest in peace; Praises Chavez as ‘empowering the powerless’; Update: Doubles down, photo with Chavez

Yes, that's right, Democrat Rep. Jose Serrano, who has submitted a bill in Congress to do away with Presidential term limits in an effort to make Richard Milhous Obama America's Hugo Chavez, champions an oppressive dictator.

What else do we expect from elected Democrats, they're almost always on the side of killing freedom.

No word from Sean Penn, the racist Danny Glover, or Harry Bellacommie, who I'm sure are not able to be consoled right now.

Well, I'll honor their grief by wrapping up this post and heading to the bathroom to relieve my bladder in honor of their fallen dictator.

My tweets this evening.

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