Thursday, March 07, 2013

Shaming Lindsey Grahamnesty & The GOP Dirty Dozen: Dined With Obama While Rand Paul Defended Constitution On Senate Floor

Remember these names and faces:

The GOP Ditry Dozen: GOP Senators Lindsey Graham, Tom Coburn, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte, Pat Toomey, Bob Corker, Ron Johnson, Saxby Chambliss, John Hoeven, Dan Coats, Richard Burr and Mike Johanns.

Instead of standing on the floor of the US Senate with patriots like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and others, these 12 suck ups went to dine with Obama at some swanky restaurant.

Gateway Pundit is reporting this morning that Lindsey Grahamnesty, who is John McLame's little lapdog, organized the shindig.

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