Monday, March 04, 2013

Obama's Florida Golf Weekend Could Have Paid For 341 Furloughed Federal Workers


From The Weekly Standard, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama recently noted the following statistic.
"While the White House operatives may think this attack is clever, it betrays an astonishing elitism: the federal government is perfect and requires no reform. That is why they have no plan to make our government leaner and more efficient. The President had 18 months to develop reforms to improve the government, but instead he announced furloughs of federal workers as a political cudgel. Yet, his golf weekend at the yacht club with Tiger Woods cost taxpayers over a million dollars—enough money to save 341 federal workers from furlough," Sessions writes.
"These workers know firsthand how much waste and inefficiency exists in the government. Our Budget Committee office will look for a way to solicit federal employees to send suggestions for how to save money in their departments, agencies, and divisions. What is better? To furlough someone or to empower them to make their office more efficient?
Way to go there, Obama, you and your party are really looking out for the little guy, aren't you?

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