Thursday, March 07, 2013

Country First? Ego-Starved John McCain & His Lapdog Attack Rand Paul

Country First...

That was the 2008 Presidential campaign theme of of John McCain or (as "The Great One" Mark Levin calls him) John McLame.

I have not and will never utter any criticism of McCain's service to our nation when he wore the uniform of the US Navy, and especially how he suffered under the hands of the communist North Vietnamese as a POW.  If anyone should stand for "Country First" and defend our rights, liberties, and Constitution, it is someone who underwent harsh and inhumane torture to defend it.

But that is where we come to John McLame, the politician.  He came to be elected to the US Senate on the coattails and endorsement of Ronald Reagan in 1986.  I think if Reagan were alive to see what McCain has done, he'd take back his endorsement.  Because John McCain does not stand for the same principles Ronald Reagan stood for. In fact, as far as political principles, I dont' know what he stands for. Because, to put it bluntly, McCain is nothing more but an egotistical maniac who is motivated by his own self-interest instead of the best interest of the nation and the Constitution he swore an oath to uphold.

Case in point: McCain and his little lapdog, Lindsey Grahamnesty, decided to gang up on Sen. Rand Paul, who filibustered the nomination of John Brennan to the CIA head over the Obama Regime's belief they can use drone strikes on American citizens domestically (Washington Times).
Almost exactly 24 hours after Mr. Paul began his information-seeking filibuster against John O. Brennan, Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham took to the Senate floor to denounce his demands and say he was doing a “disservice” to the debate on drones.
Mr. McCain quoted from a Wall Street Journal editorial: “The country needs more senators who care about liberty, but if Mr. Paul wants to be taken seriously he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. He needs to know what he’s talking about.”
The senator went on to say that he didn’t “think that what happened yesterday was helpful to the American people.”
And where Democrats praised Mr. Paul for using Senate rules properly to launch a filibuster, Mr. McCain said it was an abuse of rules that could hurt the GOP in the long run.”What we saw yesterday is going to give ammunition to those who say the rules of the Senate are being abused,” the Arizona Republican said.
Mr. Paul said he was filibustering to get the administration to affirm it won’t kill non-combatant Americans in the U.S. — and his effort was joined by more than a dozen other senators who said they, too, supported his effort to get answers.
Mr. Graham said asking whether the president has the power to kill Americans here at home is a ludicrous question.
I do not believe that question deserves an answer,” Mr. Graham said.
Well America, this is what Mr. Grahamnesty and Mr. McLame think you nor Sens. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, et al, have a right to ask about (UK Telegraph).

Eric Holder argued that using lethal military force against an American in his home country would be legal and justified in an "extraordinary circumstance" comparable to the September 11 terrorist attacks.
"The president could conceivably have no choice but to authorise the military to use such force if necessary to protect the homeland," Mr Holder said.
Define "protect the homeland?" Especially when this Regime cannot define what happened at Ft. Hood, TX as terrorism, let alone our consulate in Benghazi.  We have a Homeland Security Department that thinks Tea Party members and veterans are more of a terrorist threat than al-Queda.  But John McLame and Lindsey Grahamnesty think we're just a bunch of paranoid, pothead libertarians in a dorm room somewhere.
While Rand Paul and the patriotic senators who backed him were defending the Constitution and the due process of American citizens on our own soil, McLame and Grahamnesty were breaking bread with Richard Milhous Obama, who has repeatedly attacked our Constitution and our economy without any real challenge by either of these two RINO clowns.
This isn't the first time, either. John McLame used the Tea Party and his 2008 running mate Sarah Palin to get re-elected to the Senate in 2010, then he trashes the Tea Party as "hobbits" the next year. He complains about Rand Paul's filibuster, yet he did nothing when "Dingy" Harry Reid and the Democrats mounted unprecedented filibusters of Bush judicial nominees except play "Let's Make a Deal" with the obstructionist Democrats.  He attacked Michele Bachmann for asking questions about Hillary Rotten Clinton's aide, Huma Abedin (Weiner). Hell, I've heard John McLame talk harsher about conservatives and Donald Rumsfeld than he ever does Obama or anyone in that entire Regime.  The same goes for Grahamnesty, who attacks illegal immigration opponents as "bigots."

And we're supposed to look to them for leadership?  Instead of dining with the Partier-in-Chief known as Obama at some upscale DC restaurant, they should have been on the Senate floor demanding answers to ensuring the protection of American citizens Constitutional rights.  They should be attacking an abusive President who has abused his Constitutional authority, instead of attacking a Senator who wants the Constitutional checks and balances are in place and allowed to work.

A good, strong tea-party candidate needs to be found to primary Graham next year, while McLame needs to be put out to political pasture as soon as possible. America needs more statesmen now like Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and a few others. We don't need anymore self-seeking, attention hogs like McLame and Grahamnesty, who are always willing to sacrifice principle, country and brown-nose to get a political deal or a favorable press headline for themselves.

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Loblolly Writer said...

Oh, I do love it when someone succintly points out the difference between establishment Republicans and the growing band of Tea Partiers w/i their ranks--and how, with the election lost, those establishment types show their true leanings.