Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Biden Mouths Off On Domestic Violence: "This Isn't Your Garden Variety Slap Across The Face"

Vice President Joe "Bite Me" Biden was in Maryland today to speak at a domestic violence awareness program when he said the following (Washington Free Beacon).

So, why would a slap across a woman's face be "garden variety" or somehow different from the other abuses Bite Me mentioned.  Abuse is abuse, period.

That silence you hear is the lack of outrage coming from the liberal activist media, the feminazis, the elected women in the Democrat Party like Debbie "Thunderlips" Wasserman-Schultz, who will forgive this doofus for anything he says.  If a Republican Vice President had said this, the outrage would be bubbling for the next four years.

I can recall back to the early 1990s, when liberals mocked Dan Quayle for mispelling "potato(e)" and claimed he was the dumbest person to be vice president. Well libs, compared to Biden, Dan Quayle is an intellectual giant.

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