Monday, March 18, 2013

A Late CPAC Wrap Up - Final Day

I meant to get to this earlier, but had items at home to take care of, plus needed to recuperate on some lost sleep.

The old axiom of "saving the best for last" rang true this past Saturday at CPAC, as the crescendo of the conference ended with a loud, exuberant one.

I'd mentioned earlier that morning how Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker gave a rousing address.

Dr. Ben Carson, who spoke at the prayer breakfast and, without naming names, attacked the Obama liberal agenda in a gentle way that drove the liberal media bonkers.

Dr. Carson sat down in a brief Q & A afterwards. The moderator noted how Carson took on the President in a "civil" tone. True, while Carson's message was, especially for that setting (a prayer breakfast), not a pointed one, I really tire of the constant urge of some to act civil when the liberals are so willing to attack conservatives with the worst language and smears. I'm not saying the conservative message has to be one of anger or division, but when street fighters attack you, you don't win by acting like Mr. Rogers.

Former Democrat Congressman Artur Davis spoke as well.

Various times during the week, I saw a great American hero by the name of Lt. Col. Allen West walking around. West was a Congressman in Florida before he was unfortunately defeated due in most part to the GOP establishment gerrymandering his district.

Another rising GOP star who should have been elected to Congress last year was Mia Love.  It was an honor to meet her.

Katie Pavlich, a great writer at who wrote the definitive book on Operation Fast and Furious, received the Blogger of the Year award.  Here she is being interviewed earlier Saturday.

Nearby in radio row, my good friend Larry O'Connor of and co-host of WMAL's Mornings on the Mall was interviewing Rep. Steve King.

As was another friend from past CPACs, Peter "Da Tech Guy" who as well as running a great blog, now has begun syndicating his radio show from Massachusetts.

If you're a station manager looking for a good show to pick up on Saturdays, check him out.

Unfortunately, due to a schedule conflict, I had to leave early Saturday, I missed hearing Sen. Ted Cruz from Texas give the keynote (though I was happy to have met and heard him at BlogBash, and introduce Sarah Palin).

I was in the room but had to leave Breitbart's "Uninvited" session, of which two of my favorites--Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer--participated in. (Atlas Shrugs)

Following that, was a screening of "Hating Breitbart." It was great to meet director Andrew Marcus, and to crack him up by my voice calling him out reminding him of the scene in the movie when I introduced myself to Andrew Breitbart.

CPAC is always great to revisit with fellow bloggers and activists whom you've met from previous years, and to meet new people. Some folks I missed or didn't get a chance to meet, hopefully next time our paths will cross.

Like going to Disneyland, there's so much to do at CPAC, but sometimes not enough time to do it.  I need to have three of me to make every session and speech so I can bring it to you here.

And if you ever get the chance...come out next year.

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Jackie Wellfonder said...

Well said my friend, Disneyland indeed! Trying not to agonize over all the good stuff I missed! :) It was a truly fantastic experience!