Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two Coptic Christians Murdered & Beheaded In New Jersey, Media Silent

Are the media too afraid to make possible links between the suspect and the so-called Religion of Peace (TM)? (Western Center for Journalism)
Yusuf Ibrahim, a Muslim man, targeted and murdered two Coptic Egyptian Christian men who lived and worked in New Jersey. He beheaded them and cut off their hands.

A Jersey City man was charged with murder today for allegedly shooting two other men from the city at point-blank range, cutting off their heads and hands and burying them in a shallow grave behind a home in a rural area of Atlantic County, state authorities said.
Troopers arrested Yusuf Ibrahim, 27, at an apartment in Bayonne on Sunday after investigators worked over the weekend to piece together a trail of clues that stretched from Jersey City to Buena Vista Township to Philadelphia, State Police said at a news conference at the agency’s forensic laboratory in Hamilton.
....The severed bodies were found in the shallow grave, investigators said, and their body parts were found nearby. The two men killed were foreign nationals, State Police said, and their identities were being withheld because of the difficulty notifying family members.
During the investigation, troopers learned Ibrahim had driven the Mercedes in which he shot the men to Philadelphia and attempted to set it on fire Wednesday but was interrupted by city police. Ibrahim fled in another vehicle and was chased by police, but got away, State Police said.
He was tracked over the weekend to the apartment in Bayonne.
Wilson said Ibrahim was already wanted by authorities in Jersey City in connection to an armed robbery last year. He said State Police were unsure of a motive and declined to release more specifics about how the crime unfolded, the weapons used or who tipped them off.

Coptic Christians in Egypt have come under increased persecution there since the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Notice that the national media is silent.

Will NJ Governor "Krispy Kreme" Christie look at why so many people across the country have become concerned about Sharia Law?  That blowhard ignorantly thinks the concern about "this Sharia Law business is crap."

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Anonymous said...

Mystery? What's the mystery? They were from a muslim country and turned to Christianity. That's why he killed them. They turned from being muslim to being Christian.