Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Life Of An Emperor: Obamas On Separate Vacations This Weekend, President Gets $1,000/Hr Golf Tutoring

In case you haven't heard, while many Americans are still trying to find work, or have seen their paychecks dwindle, and our government spends more money than they take in, the President of the United States and his wife feel your pain.

They're off on separate vacations this President's day weekend...all funded by you and I, the taxpayers.
The White House confirms today that President Barack Obama will be vacationing in Florida this weekend. His wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, will be in Colorado. The two daughters will be with Michelle.
From the White House press gaggle aboard Air Force One:
Earnest confirmed that FLOTUS and her daughters are on a "ski trip out West with family and friends", and won't be with POTUS in Florida this weekend.
While the rest of his family will be skiing, Obama is expected to be hitting the links with golf pros and buddies in Florida.
Vice President Joe Biden and his family, according to the White House, will be in Colorado this weekend on vacation.
While Moochelle skis as relaxation after her strenuous Christmas vacation at a luxurious resort in Hawaii, Richard Milhous Obama is getting $1,000 an hour tutoring from a golf pro in Florida (Independent Journal Review).
During the weakest recovery in modern American history, stealth one-percenter President Obama is splurging on another vay-kay with a world class golf pro at the jaw-dropping rate of $1000/hr.
As John Nolte of related, while pointing out Golf Digest’s rate for pro golf teacher Butch Harmon is $1,000 an hour:
The President’s golfing weekend at The Floridian GC in Palm City, Fla., will include more than golf on a Tom Fazio course or an afternoon of ball beating at the Harmon School of Golf on campus. The Harmons, Butch and son Claude III, are flying in to work with President Obama[.]
So the president is once again hitting the links for a round of golf, like he did over 100 times in his first term. One of the ‘historic’ aspects of his disastrous presidency: his total number of golf rounds now stands at 112.
After posturing as a man of the people preaching about shared sacrifice and that everyone should get some “skin in the game,” the president is apparently going to be paying some serious skins while learning his golf game. Same thing, right?
President Obama has spouted repeatedly on his perpetual campaign trail, in his typically vapid air of braggadocio, that he “will not rest” until people get back to work. Since more of the potential labor force is resting instead of working than at any point in time since the early Reagan era, apparently the president thinks it’s “mission accomplished.” 
The point is that President Obama has lived the life of an emperor; meanwhile lamenting he doesn’t have imperial powers. The manner in which the president dictates policy and vaykays constantly is simply obscene.
He "won't rest" until America is working again? Cue up that infamous scene from The Naked Gun (at 2:50).

It's hard to tell if he wants to be an emperor or a dictator.

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