Thursday, February 07, 2013

Shooter Who Targeted Conservative Group Picked Target From SPLC Map

Of course you didn't hear about this act of political violence last summer because it was committed and inspired by the Left, and the hero security guard was not given a meeting or even a phone call from Richard Milhous Obama (Katie Pavlich, Townhall).
Yesterday, 28-year-old Floyd Lee Corkins II, the man who attempted to kill members of the conservative Family Research Council in Washington D.C. in August 2012, plead guilty to three charges including committing an act of terrorism.
The question since August has been: Why did Corkins choose FRC as his target? After all, he was a gay activist who bizarrely walked into the FRC offices with a Chik-fil-A bag in one hand and a gun in the other before he opened fire, shooting a security guard who luckily survived his injuries.
According to an interview with the FBI immediately after the shooting in August, which was released during the court hearing yesterday, Corkins wanted to “kill as many as possible and smear the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in victims' faces, and kill the guard."
How did Corkins come to target the Family Research Council?
In terms of how he found the “hate group” FRC, a prosecutor for the case said the family computer was searched and showed Corkins selected his targets from the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center’s [SPLC] web site which features a “hate map.
"The day after Floyd Corkins came into the FRC headquarter and opened fire wounding one of our team members, I stated that while Corkins was responsible for the shooting, he had been given a license to perpetrate this act of violence by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center which has systematically and recklessly labeled every organization with which they disagree as a 'hate group. Today both assertions were validated in court as Corkins plead guilty to multiple criminal charges, including terrorism,” FRC President Tony Perkins said in reaction to this revelation. "The Southern Poverty Law Center can no longer say that it is not a source for those bent on committing acts of violence. Only by ending its hate labeling practices will the SPLC send a message that it no longer wishes to be a source for those who would commit acts of violence that are only designed to intimidate and silence Christians and others who support natural marriage and traditional morality. Once again, I call on the SPLC to put an immediate stop to its practice of labeling organizations that oppose their promotion of homosexuality.”
The SPLC has close ties to the Occupy Wall Street movement and often turns a blind eye to violence committed by leftist organizations after setting groups up with tools they need to target groups they disagree with politically. A representative from SPLC told National Review last May when occupiers attempted to blow up a bridge in Ohio, “We’re really not set up to cover the extreme Left.”
The Human Rights Campaign, a far left group similar to the SLPC, also listed FRC as a hate group on their site and cited SLPC as the source. 
According to e-mails recently released, the InJustice Department collaborated with the SPLC on a "Diversity Training Event."  The SPLC also has collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security under the Obama Regime, remember that report that singled out vets and patriot groups as being potential terrorists?

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