Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Obama Lapdog Media Covers For Him, Attack Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward of the Washington ComPost, made famous for his expose of President Richard Milhous Nixon's involvement in the Watergate cover up that led to Nixon's resignation, has probably lost his 40 year reputation as a renowned journalist for the crime of practicing an act of journalism.

Earlier tonight, Woodward told CNN a senior level White House staffer threatened him that "you will regret" reporting the truth about Richard Milhous Obama and the sequester.

Judging from several Tweets from media types, many of them are acting like propagandists for the Obama White House, instead of journalists.

Liberal Matt Yglesias:

Michael Grunwald of Time
 In other words...Bob Woodward is senile, according to

Lis Smith, who worked for Obama's campaign, wrote the following after it was announced Woodward will appear on Sean Hannity's TV show tomorrow, as well as accusing the veteran reporter of "making it (the sequester story) about him."

So did David Plouffe, who was Obama's campaign manager and advisor to That One.

Eric Boehlert, senior fellow of the George Soro$ funded Democrat non-profit hack group Media Mutters.

Many on the conservative side are worried that Woodward may become an Obama drone target.  I think Obama would send a warning first, in an attempt to muzzle the veteran journalist.

Probably involving the Woodward family dog.


All I know is that the Beltway Media is covering for Obama just like the San Francisco Bay Area media used to circle the wagons around charismatic cult leader the Rev. Jim Jones in the early to mid-1970s.

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