Thursday, February 07, 2013

Michelle Malkin Schools Juan Williams On Obama's Lies

Juan Williams showed himself to be the arrogant liberal elitist he is when Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity confronted him with all of Obama's lies on Hannity last night.

"I may not be a real journalist like you Juan, but I'm not a Pollyanna either." was her response before listing all the facts of the effects of Obamacare, including the medical devices tax and the number of doctors who have decided against going into practice or closing their private practices.

Of course, that also goes along with how much health insurance premiums have gone up. Some of our plans have gone up 20 to 30 percent, a direct result of Obamacare. Never mind the fact we were promised by "That One" that our health insurance costs would decrease.  But Williams just snidely says "calm down" and plays the "Blame Bush" card with the Medicare prescription drug plan, regardless of how most conservatives were opposed to it.

Speaking of lies, here's more of the double standard. Liberals were always quick to Blame Bush (TM) when it came to the Iraq War. Remember "lying" about the intelligence (when there was no proof of any lies told)?  Yet we have a President that tells one costly lie after another that results in us having to pay more for something, give up more of our liberty, or that results in the deaths of Americans, and the same liberals who falsely slandered Bush about lying to go to war are silent.

Juan thinks he's a journalist, but he's nothing more than a propagandist for The Regime.

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