Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mark Levin On Hannity Analyzes Obama's "Castro-Like" SOTU Speech: "Lie After Lie"

No analysis of Obama's lies is complete without "The Great One" Mark Levin showing how Obama's rhetoric is so full of holes and lies.

He came out of his "bunker" last night on Sean Hannity's radio show for two segments:

It's not just Obama's socialist policies that get exposed by Levin. On his radio show last night, Levin and Donald Trump tore into that fat, backstabbing, RINO eunuch, Karl Rove (

Trump and Levin hit Rove where it really hurts. First Trump criticized Rove's effectiveness as a campaign strategist by slamming his SuperPAC, American Crossroads' performance in the 2012 election: "Four hundred million dollars was wasted. They do the worst ads I have ever seen, ever."
Levin followed up with what might be the most significant line of attack against Rove: "I would say to the wealthy donors out there, 'Why do you keep donating to him?' why don't you donate to all these groups who are actually grassroots, who are actually fighting and who are actually effective?"
The combination of the influential voice of Mark Levin challenging donors to shut-down the flow of cash to the Rove machine, coupled with Trump (one of those high-profile donors) repeating FIVE TIMES the fact that Rove spent "four hundred million dollars" with no results to show for it could have a brutally devastating effect on the former Bush strategist's balance sheet.
Trump then positioned himself as the defender of the tea party movement: "If the Republicans are going to win, they're going to have to break away from the Karl Rove's of the world and, frankly, get more about you know the tea party... they are great Americans, they love this country, they work so hard, and they have been so mistreated by the liberal press, the liberal media. They have been just so mistreated and made to look so bad."

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