Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Levin, Radtke Go After McDonnell, RINOs Who Voted For Largest Tax Increase In Virginia

The displeasure and disgust felt toward RINO Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell went nationwide last night.

Mark Levin, a northern Virginia resident, used his nationally syndicated radio show to go after McDonnell and the sellouts in the Republican Party who voted for the largest tax increase in Virginia history (Mofo Politics).

Levin said, “I am going to fight every single Republican politician that participated in this disgraceful disaster…”

Jamie Radtke, who ran for the GOP nomination for US Senate last year and is co-founder of the Virginia Tea Party Federation, was on WTVR Channel 6 and expressed similar disgust with the bill.

The video to Radtke's interview I'm not able to embed (click on link to view), but she says that there is no guarantee the Commonwealth will even use the fund to pay for transportation, noting that liberal governor Mark Warner used similar tax increases as a "slush fund."  Radtke noted there were other alternatives to spending money on transportation that didn't involve raising taxes.

If you're a Virginia resident, it's time to raise hell with these GOP sellouts in the state legislature who stuck us with more taxes.

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