Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Hating Breitbart" To Be Re-Released In May, NY Screening On March 1

In case you missed the initial release last October, or were unable to see it because it wasn't in your area, "Hating Breitbart" is going to be re-released on May 17, after some additional cutting allowed the rating to be changed from "R" to "PG-13".

DVD and On-demand releases will occur around that time as well.

More from Anne Sorock, Legal Insurrection.
After I was able to see one of the screenings in St. Louis last year, I wrote this review. It was enormously entertaining, bittersweet, and exciting. It was more than a documentary, rather a documentation of the causes Andrew Breitbart awakened us all to: the venality and condescension of politicians and mainstream media in our culture.
I wrote then that it was a must-see, but many couldn’t see it for lack of more widespread distribution. Be sure to pick it up in May, and for those of you who live in the New York City area, Marcus has been hinting on twitter that a free screening may be coming your way on the anniversary of Andrew’s death, March 1:
hating breitbart nyc
The movie, which had earned an “R” rating, has been recut for PG-13 audiences, and has picked up a new distributor, Freestyle Releasing. The R-rated version will be available in addition to the PG-13 on DVD.
The screening in New York will take place on March 1, the one year anniversary of Andrew's untimely passing. If you're in the area, e-mail  with your name, e-mail and phone number to be placed on the list. You can find out more as well at the "Hating Breitbart" website.


"Hating Breitbart" A Must See! A Fitting Tribute To His Legacy

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