Saturday, February 02, 2013

Despite Obama Regime Warnings Against Photoshopping Skeet Shooting Photo, Mockery Ensues UPDATE: Reuters Says Obama "Golfed" On Aug 4

After claiming that President Richard Milhous Obama likes to skeet shoot at Camp David, but not providing a photo, the propaganda office of the Obama Regime released a photo today of Obama shooting skeet.

Followed up with a specific warning for the photo not to be "manipulated in any way."

Well, the mockery ensued from conservatives on Twitter and in the blogosphere.

I tweeted my own creation below, before adding the watermark.

There's more....

From Sooper Mexican:

Michelle's Mirror (found via Facebook)

Landon on Twitter sent this:
 From rdbrewer, via Twitter:


Poor Richard's News:

There's more out there, and still more being created as this is written.

MORE: Via Gateway Pundit on Obama's shooting technique...
An anonymous gun expert, who did not wish to be identified, had this to say about Obama’s shooting style.
“Either the recoil kicked his ass or he doesn’t know to lean into the shot when shooting. He shoots a gun like he throws a baseball. That’s a ported shot gun. (holes – venting – at the end of the barrel. Less recoil.) You port really high power firearms to reduce the kick when fired. It helps with control and is less punishing. The smoke coming out of the top of the barrel lessens the muzzle jump and recoil. It means he’s a panzy. And it still threw him back. It also means he never shoots a gun.”
 Did Obama actually go shooting on August 4, 2012? (via CraigR3521)

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