Tuesday, February 26, 2013

20 Years Ago Today -- First Attack On World Trade Center

Twenty years ago today, this was video from ABC's Nightline...
But it wasn't enough to rouse us into action against an enemy that had been at war with us since 1979...Islamic extremism.

Twenty years later, and almost 12 years after Islamic terrorists returned to destroy the WTC on September 11, 2001, Andrew McCarthy writes at National Review Online that we are "more willfully blind" to the reason we were attacked.

The rationale of jihadist terror is to diminish our resolve to resist the gradual erosion of freedom and the relentless demands of Islamists — especially, Islamists of the Brotherhood variety. After the Blind Sheikhs and the bin Ladens have softened up the target, it is the Brothers who beguile us. Impeccably well-mannered and wearing neatly tailored suits, they flack for Hamas and maintain, straight-faced, that free speech is not so much a right to condemn their totalitarian ideology as a responsibility to suppress examination of it.
In that ideology, the implementation of classical sharia is the necessary precondition for Islamizing a society. Sharia is the architecture for a global caliphate. This is why Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood chieftain, promised that when elected he would birth a new constitution enshrining “the sharia, then the sharia, and finally the sharia” — a promise on which he has followed through. This is the utopia of all Islamists, be they terrorists, or faux moderates who proclaim their willingness to pursue totalitarian ends by “peaceful political” means, or the Muslim masses who celebrate 9/11 and vote Brotherhood parties into power.
We did not want to acknowledge the sharia logic of the terrorists 20 years ago. We were told then that Islam had nothing to do with attacks on the West incited by Muslim jurists citing Muslim scripture.
There is no selling that fairy tale today, not after thousands of Americans have lost their lives. So the lie has become more aggressive, like Islam itself. While poseurs such as John Brennan — President Obama’s counterterrorism czar and nominee for CIA director — distort the meaning of jihad, Islamists and their fellow travelers seek not merely to suppress by intimidation but to criminalize by law the objective examination of Islamic supremacism.

We’ve gone from willful blindness to coerced silence. We see the wages of it in the Middle East as supremacists, under the guise of a “springtime” for freedom, strangle the region with sharia. As I detail in Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy (my e-book about the “Arab Spring,” which was released as a paperback today), the path taken by the Muslim Brotherhood rulers of Egypt follows — at a dizzying pace — the trail already blazed by Turkey’s Islamists, who are transforming a once-democratic, pro-Western society into an authoritarian sharia state.

Worse, we see the wages of coerced silence in the West, where the campaign to demagogue truth-tellers as “Islamophobes” — meaning, as racists — has devolved into an Islamist effort, supported by the Obama administration, to make speech about Islam a violation of international law.
Twenty years later, a Muslim extremist in the US Army can kill Americans yelling "Allah Akbar" and the pro-Muslim Brotherhood Obama Regime calls it "workplace violence." The same Regime that wanted to blame the Benghazi consulate attack on the 11th anniversary of 9/11 on a YouTube video, while Islamists seek the relase of the "Blind Sheikh" who inspired the 1993 WTC attack.  What's next? Who will be killed or injured in another attempt to pressure Obama to free the Blind Sheikh?

Michelle Malkin writes:
We always hear “Never forget.” But how many still remember anymore? And how many have really learned?
It's sad to think that, 20 years after this attack on our shores, and 11 years after 9/11, America is a 9/10 nation under the Obama Regime.

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